Dynamic balancing information

What does dynamic balancing doMachine using dynamic balancing

With the improvement of the living standards and energy-saving awareness, variable flow system has been playing an increasingly important role in the air conditioning. At the same time, a newly invented hydraulic system which is regarded as the system with overall dynamic balancing has been widely used to do great air conditioning.

Developed systems using dynamic balance

The newly developed system relies on the operation of the dynamic balance electric control valve. The valve is expected to regulate the temperature of the area through the adjustment of the flow in the air box. It can be said that the valve can enable the pressure inside to keep a dynamic balance. Thus, the high-energy efficiency has been achieved. At present, there is a way to use the dynamic flow control valve together with the cooperation of the electric control valve to achieve the performance by the newly developed valve. The compares of the effect are taken by these two ways are made in the following aspects.

Fields in dynamic balancing

They are all applicable in the fields of urban construction, chemical industry, metallurgy, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and environmental protection. In one aspect, the newly developed valve holds the superiority on the feature of good electric control. The evaluation of the control valve depends on the curve of the flow characteristics. For the common electric control valve, the effects would be out of the expectations because of the small degree of the valve itself. However, the specially designed structure of the dynamic balance electric control valve has enabled the flow curve to be guided to a satisfying one. On the other hand, the superiority appears on the performance of keeping dynamic balancing. It refers that the valve would set a value according to load from the terminal equipment. Regardless of the changes in system pressure, the valve can dynamically balance the system resistance. As a result, the flow would not be influenced by fluctuations in the system pressure and be able to keep constant

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